Do You Know What to Eat?

Nutrition not only affects the condition of our bodies, more importantly, it affects our minds. The food we eat provides energy, strengthens our immune system and improves our mind. Is it possible to become happier through proper nutrition? Definitely Yes! The human brain is maintained by a certain number of building blocks, supplied through nutrition. The brain requires fat, amino acids and proteins to sustain its solid structure. When these substances are missing or insufficient, the brain loses functional efficiency, thus causes accelerated aging. Click To Find Out What To Eat

Plan Moderate Diet. It is important to plan a moderate diet from all food groups, including proteins and animal products because they remove toxins from the intestines and supply the body with natural vitamins and minerals. It is good to eat in small amounts perhaps four to five times a day. This way of eating reduces the chance of plaque production in the blood and prevents it from storing it in the internal organs and arteries.

CPF  Combinations. Suitable combinations of carbohydrates, proteins and fat directly affect brain activity, and as a result, influence our intellectual abilities. Carbohydrates feed the brain, proteins slow down the carbohydrate absorption rate, and fat aids in the production of the hormones that make us happy and assist in balancing the nutritive chemicals in the blood stream. In addition to the main food categories, trace amounts of specific elements and minerals can have a profound influence on health. For example, the selenium contained in dairy products alleviates stress and is a very good defense against aging.

Avoid Fat? Do not avoid fat altogether for fear that it may clog arteries. In contrast, certain fats found in olive or sunflower oil, cod-liver oil, almonds, peanuts and walnuts are valuable and essential. These fats structure the nerve cells in the brain. The limiting of fat should be closely monitored so that it does not damage brain function.

What About Proteins? Proteins are also of significant importance. Enzymes, which allow cells to receive messages, and some neuro-meridians, are actually proteins in different proportions composed of amino acids in the food. The brain needs proteins to stimulate proper activity. Meat, eggs and dairy products supply the required animal proteins to the human body.

How To Combat Aging? It has been proven that a lack of Vitamin B-9 is the chief contributor to memory loss during the aging process, and that the liver supports and strengthens the memory. Vitamin B-9 is contained in whole grains, egg yolks, beans, walnuts and spinach. If we add Vitamins B-6 and B-12, contained in fish and meat, we create a healthy blend that guarantees us optimum memory strength. Vitamin E, which is just one valuable constituent of olives, walnuts as well as other foods, protects the biological membranes from aging.

Brain Foods. Broccoli, peppers, cabbage, lemons, oranges and other products containing Vitamin C have a direct influence on the blood circulation in the brain. In order to prevent the reduction of red blood cells, which supply oxygen to the brain, we need to include iron-rich foods in our diet.

The bread/pasta food group, particularly whole-grain and multi-grain, is perfect fuel for the brain while the lack of rice, lentil and glucose causes hypoglycemia and dulls brain function. Carbohydrates are the best energy source for our body, since they digest slowly, are absorbed into our system in small amounts, and feed the brain longer.

Water For Life. We may be able to live without food for two to three weeks, but no more than three days without water. Water represents 70 percent of a human body mass. Every one of us loses around half a gallon of water daily, an amount that needs to be replenished. Some of the water we receive through the food we eat, but the majority simply has to be drunk. If this does not happen, the result is dehydration and cellulite, including aging. Besides pure, uncontaminated water, fruit juices and teas are not only useful, but necessary as well.

In conclusion, rational and proper nutrition will improve our health, make us happier, smarter and prettier, extend our lifespan, and ultimately, stimulate our inner being and help us achieve greater happiness.

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